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We all know that financial planning is important. But busy lives and information overload tend to disrupt even the most well-intentioned planning efforts. Instead, “plans” are often disjointed collections of investments, insurance products, bank accounts, legal documents, and business structures implemented over time by multiple advisors, all working in isolation from one another.

Unfortunately, the consequences of this random approach can be dire: missed opportunities, needless expenses, reduced retirement incomes, unwanted succession outcomes, and unnecessary tax liabilities, to name a few.  

Our aim is to give our clients peace of mind and help them feel secure in the knowledge that sound financial planning is in place — in one integrated plan — for themselves, their businesses, and their families(click to read more)

Our work is supported by foremost credentials. Together, OCEAN PACIFIC FINANCIAL GROUP and Don Gordon hold financial services’ highest qualifications, and we have offered dedicated service to our clients for more than 55 years. (click to read more)

We are committed to the ultimate standards of professional conduct, and we are guided in our practice by our mission, vision, and core values. (click to read more)