Retirement Planning

Today, there are factors to retirement planning that previous generations had no need to consider. Life expectancy is longer, the cost of living is higher. You work hard and deserve the opportunity to enjoy your retirement. Set up a meeting with us today to ensure that you take all the facts into consideration when planning for your future.

Almost half of Canadian homeowners aren’t confident they’ll retire debt-free. What about you? According to the most recent Manulife Bank survey, most Canadian homeowners rank becoming debt-free a high priority, but only 51% are confident they’ll actually reach this goal. It can be tough to juggle the financial responsibilities of owning a home and raising a family, while at the same time, trying to keep debt under control and save for your retirement years. If you’re not confident you’ll be debt-free by retirement, there’s good news. There are simple, time-tested debt-management strategies available that could help you become debt-free sooner. 


Estate Protection

Preparing for your loved ones in the event of your death is a toughest part of retirement planning; however, it is as equally important as it is difficult. If the proper planning is not done then larger estates could be at risk of settlement costs, and death taxes which could even lead to liquidation. Preventing these issues is as easy as drafting a will. A well written will ensures that transfer of assets is done properly so that your loved ones are taken care of.   

Lifetime Income

In the 1950's people were living, on average, 15 years after retirement, but today it is closer to 20 years. You need to be able to provide yourself with a steady income that you will not outlive, and hopefully without sacrificing your lifestyle. We can show you what your future will look like with your current investments, and what it could look like with the right investments.

Health Care Needs

While we all have access to Medicare, it may not offer you the coverage you need; therefore, planning for long-term care is an essential part of retirement planning.  People are living longer, and there are many health issues that are associated with old age. You need to be prepared to cover the health care costs that you might face during your retirement.