Heather White

Assistant to Debra Vincent

Heather White is a transplanted prairie girl from Winnipeg, but has been in Victoria (with the exception of 3 years in Calgary) for over 30 years.  Heather has also been blessed with one son and is a proud “Amma” to two growing boys.

Heather has travelled extensively all over the world; to Nicaragua, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Mexico. She has been to 9 of the 10 provinces in Canada (sadly missing out on only Newfoundland/Labrador) and has also travelled throughout the US.  Interestingly, she has never been to Las Vegas or Hawaii, but would like to go. 

Heather brings a wealth of administrative experience to Ocean Pacific Financial Group. After working with BC Assessment for 18 years, she ran a 90-office business centre in Calgary before returning to Victoria. In addition to her work with Ocean Pacific Financial Group, Heather is also the Office Centre Manager at the Quay Business Centre. 

Heather is an avid curling, junior hockey and Olympics fan, and her Kindle is never very far away. With her administrative and customer-service background, Heather always has a cup of coffee on for Deb’s clients, potential clients, colleagues and friends.